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: Approach to evaluate how your body is evolving
: zirmasmith 23 April 2019, 10:28:07 AM
 However, GowellHealthTips ( rewards will be great because the changes you make will last. While you are putting in the hard work, something to avoid is weighing yourself every day.  Because you’re tracking your body composition/body fat percentage, weighing yourself on a normal scale is going to be less and less useful for you – particularly if you started changing your body composition by building Lean Body Mass.  In that situation, because you’re trying to gain weight due to muscle, you may not register any weight gain at all as the weight due to muscle gain will replace the weight due to the fat you’re losing. You may find that you even gain overall weight, but as long as that weight is due to muscle, you’ll actually appear thinner.  This is because muscle is much denser than fat. As you continue to see results, you may find that your goals change over time.