What's New

What's new in Doctran 1.2.5

  • Updated syntax highlighter to be more accurate, aware of more language features and copy-and-paste friendly.
  • The option --time-run has been added to specify that performance timings should be saved within an XML file in the xml directory of the output directory.
  • Stopped the output of unneeded files when creating static wiki documentation (documentation containing no Fortran source files).
  • In tables and menu lists one can use Program as a TYPE_VALUE to output a table or list of Fortran programs.
  • A button to toggle the visibility of the menu has been added to documentation generated.
  • Stopped broken links occurring within search results.
  • Fixed some problems with the menu's display on the Chrome browser.
  • Fixed some problems with the menu's display on the Firefox browser on Ubuntu.

What's new in Doctran 1.2.4

  • Errors messages are displayed for structural issues in the code.
  • The option --save_xml=PATH has been changed to --save-xmls. The appearance of this option now instructs the program to save the XMLs generated to a directory called xml within the output directory.
  • The option --no-output has been added. The appearance of this option instructs the program not to generate any documentation. If --save-xmls appears, XML data will still be saved.
  • The options --project_file has been changed to --project-file.
  • The font of syntax highlighted code has been changed to monospace to an issue with misaligned characters.
  • Initializations are now shown for variables.
  • Fixed bug which caused procedure arguments not to be shown in call syntax argument lists.
  • Fixed bug causing inheritance hierarchy to be display in reverse.
  • Fixed some issues with array descriptions.

What's new in Doctran 1.2.3

  • Improved error messages.
  • Fixed bug causing block description heading sections to not be collapsible.
  • Fixed broken links in procedure argument documentation.

What's new in Doctran 1.2.2

  • The style of the generated documentation has been modified to take advantage of wide screen and high resolution displays.
  • Menu project information element added, to allow menu customizations. The menu is now generated from a markdown or HTML file containing macros.
  • UserPage project information element added, so that additional documentation pages can be created from the user's markdown or HTML files.
  • Source project information element added so that source files can be specified from the project file.
  • Tagline project information element added, which should not be used to specify the project's tagline.
  • A project page is no longer automatically generated from comments within the project file, instead this can be created using the UserPage information element.
  • Headings in meta-data have moved one level up, so the top level heading used in descriptions is now <h2> or ##.