What's New

What's new in Doctran 1.2.3

  • Improved error messages.
  • Fixed bug causing block description heading sections to not be collapsible.
  • Fixed broken links in procedure argument documentation.

What's new in Doctran 1.2.2

  • The style of the generated documentation has been modified to take advantage of wide screen and high resolution displays.
  • Menu project information element added, to allow menu customizations. The menu is now generated from a markdown or HTML file containing macros.
  • UserPage project information element added, so that additional documentation pages can be created from the user's markdown or HTML files.
  • Source project information element added so that source files can be specified from the project file.
  • Tagline project information element added, which should not be used to specify the project's tagline.
  • A project page is no longer automatically generated from comments within the project file, instead this can be created using the UserPage information element.
  • Headings in meta-data have moved one level up, so the top level heading used in descriptions is now <h2> or ##.