An author information element is used to specify the person who wrote a block of code. It may be placed within any block of code and the information will be shown on that block's documentation page.


The author information comment supports the following sub-information:

NameMaximum allowedDescription
Name1The author's name.
Email1The author's email will be displayed as a mailto link.
Affiliation1 The author's institution or work place.

Below shows an example of an author information element for a subroutine.

subroutine equals(lhs, rhs)
!> Author:
!>> Name: Bob
!>> Email:
!>> Affiliation: A Fortran Software Company

    type(Vector_1d),intent(inout) :: lhs
    type(Vector_1d),intent(in) :: rhs

    lhs%x_1 = rhs%x_2

end subroutine