In general a PATH value can take the form:


The searchPattern within the PATH can include the wildcard characters *, ?. Their uses are described below:

Wildcard specifierDescription
* (asterisk)Matches zero or more characters in that position.
? (question mark)Matches zero or one character in that position.

The path can optionally include ** to specify that the preceding directory and all its sub-directories are to be searched for files matching the searchPattern.


For the follow examples assume you have the directory structure:

- Root
    - File1.txt
    - Directory1
        - SubFile1.txt

Then, for the following PATH values:

  • Root/File1.txt, matches
    • Root/File1.txt
  • Root/*.txt, matches
    • Root/File1.txt
  • Root/**/*, matches
    • Root/File1.txt
    • Root/
    • Root/Directory1/SubFile1.txt
    • Root/Directory1/
  • Root/**/*File?.txt, matches
    • Root/File1.txt
    • Root/Directory1/SubFile1.txt