Generating a Static Wiki

Doctran can be used as a static wiki generator. Meaning that given a collection of Markdown or HTML files, Doctran will transform these into styled HTML documents with a title, menu and search. Of course, the following can be combined with document generator capabilities to produce quality documentation.

Assuming for simplicity you have a single markdown file, say, then firstly you need to create a menu file. Save the following text as in the same directory as your

 * [Welcome](index.html)

This will produce a menu with one item named "Welcome" linking to

Next you need to create a project file to include your content and menu. Create another file called, again within the same folder, that contains the following:

Name: My Static Wiki
Tagline: My Wiki Tagline

This will set a project name and tagline and include you menu and content files.

Finally, run Doctran in the folder that these files are saved within, using the following:

doctran --project_info -o StaticWiki

This will generate your static wiki within a StaticWiki folder.